Five Amazing Gluten Free Protein Bars Available From Amazon

Hello my fine, foodie friends! Well things here in my world are really getting especially crazy. We make the first part of our move next Saturday so things are BUSY. I don’t know about you, but when things are crazy in life it’s really hard to stay on track and eat healthily. I want all the things! Luckily, I have five, amazing, gluten free protein bars that are available from Amazon to save the day. Continue reading “Five Amazing Gluten Free Protein Bars Available From Amazon”

Five Must Have Gluten Free Items From Trader Joes

I would just like to state for the record that I ate way too much this weekend. It was my husband’s birthday, and we went out to eat three times over the course of two days. Also, they were not light meals. In fact, it was what I would like to call a big ole “Fat Fest”. Needless to say, I needed to get some healthy groceries to start this week off right. Luckily, I live near a Trader Joes and was able to grab some of my top five must have gluten free items. Score! Continue reading “Five Must Have Gluten Free Items From Trader Joes”

Kimchi: Fermented Fabulousness

Question: Kimchi. Good? Gross? Both?

Answer: Both!

Ok, I’ll admit it. Kimchi on paper, as a concept, sounds completely disgusting. Fermented cabbage?! Ummm, Barf. In fact, as a little  kid, I went to  elementary school with a Korean girl. She was so sweet, but would sometimes bring Kimchi to lunch. It smelled so bad….like really bad. It smelled like old, garlic, garbage farts. Of course, because kids can be jerks, she was made fun of every time she brought it in, so eventually she stopped. Now, in retrospect, my heart breaks a little for her. A bunch of jerk, eight year olds kept that tastiness away from her, just because it smelled so rank.

Little did we know. Little did we know. Continue reading “Kimchi: Fermented Fabulousness”