Five Gluten Free Recipes You Have Got To Try

Hello, my fine foodie friends! Wow, this past week has been crazy! Well, I take that back. This past MONTH has been crazy. Between moving and dealing with odd medical stuff, I am beat. Luckily things seem to be winding down and falling into place. Ahh. Sigh of relief. Now I can focus more on one of my great loves, food. I am in the cooking mood once again and hopefully so are you. If you are, (and you totally should be) here are five gluten free recipes you have got to try! Continue reading “Five Gluten Free Recipes You Have Got To Try”

Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

Happy almost Friday, everyone! Well, today is day 4 of my smoothie bowl challenge and I am HOOKED! Dare I say I feel healthier already? Meh, let’s not get crazy here. Anyway, today I am going to share what I think is my favorite smoothie bowl thus far, my Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl.  Continue reading “Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl”

Brie+Cheddar Apple Beer Soup With Cinnamon Pecan Crumble. A Gluten Free Masterpiece.

I’ve got the fever. Fall fever, that is. I went for a jog the other day and I swear pumpkin spice was coming out of my pores. That might not be entirely accurate, or scientifically possible, but you get the idea. What I need is a good, apple beer soup! Continue reading “Brie+Cheddar Apple Beer Soup With Cinnamon Pecan Crumble. A Gluten Free Masterpiece.”

Easy Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Salad

Hey hey hey! Oh my goodness. Do you ever have those days where your stress level is at a level BAZILLION? Well today, my friends, is one of those days. Between our trip to Phoenix tomorrow, a visit to the vet for my little dog, selling the house we’re living in, and then just life in general, yeah…its been a tough one. Continue reading “Easy Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Salad”