Gluten Free In Portland Oregon: Liberated Baking

Happy Friday, my fine, foodie friends! The last couple of weeks I have realized that I have been eating more baked goods and sweets than normal. Should I blame the cooler temps? Perhaps my hormones? They’re always around to carry the blame. It’s got to be that there are so many delicious gluten free bakeries right here in my “back yard”. Today we talk about my latest gluten free Portland Oregon destination, Liberated Baking.  Continue reading “Gluten Free In Portland Oregon: Liberated Baking”

My Top Five Places to Eat in and Around Portland Oregon

Let me start off by saying, I have been wanting to write this for a long time and even though this isn’t a specifically “Gluten Free Post”, most of these lovely establishments all offer GF options. But, as you you may already know, I have a bit of a food problem. (#allthenomnoms) I love to eat, and Portland is one of the BEST food cities in the country. That makes me both lucky, and cursed at the same time. The fact that I have lived here almost all of my life has inadvertently turned me into a “Hipster Foodie” and I am slightly….only slightly….ashamed of that fact. Continue reading “My Top Five Places to Eat in and Around Portland Oregon”