Five Amazing Gluten Free Protein Bars Available From Amazon

Hello my fine, foodie friends! Well things here in my world are really getting especially crazy. We make the first part of our move next Saturday so things are BUSY. I don’t know about you, but when things are crazy in life it’s really hard to stay on track and eat healthily. I want all the things! Luckily, I have five, amazing, gluten free protein bars that are available from Amazon to save the day.



RX Bars

Oh man. These have been my “go to” bar over the last week or so. They’re so very good! They are made with just a few basic ingredients, but they never disappoint. Luckily, they’re also readily available, but I prefer to order mine here on amazon because well, who has time to go shopping?


lara bars

God help me, I am obsessed with these Lara Bars. They are similar to the RX Bars in that they are made from just a few ingredients, but they tend to be a little softer and sweeter. These lemon ones specifically have gotten me out of many a “candy situation” once or twice. This is especially important since I have been diagnosed recently with fibromyalgia and need to follow an anti inflammatory diet. Thats another story/post though. Stay tuned for that whole story.


Bhu Fit Bars

For all of my Paleo peeps out there, you have got to get your hands on these Bhu Fit Bars. I went through a Paleo period but wanted something that wasnt made with the standard whey protein. That’s when I came across these bad boys. They’re pretty high in protein (from egg whites) and pretty darn tasty too!


vega protein bars

Dear Vega. I love basically everything about you. These Vega Protein Bars are no exception. They are plant based, and have a great amount of protein. I love this brand so much in fact, I swear by their Vega Protein and Greens shakes. Real talk, I am not a morning person, so I will either have one of these bars or a quick shake in the morning rather than making breakfast. Don’t judge me.


kind bars

These Kind Bars are one of my favorite road trip/travel snacks. I have been known to order a box…or two… from Amazon and will eat them in lieu of the usual gas station fare. They’re crunchy, sweet, tasty and pretty affordable too. I love them.

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Until next time, happy nom noms!



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