My Six Must Have Amazon Items For Travel

Hello, my fine foodie friends! Man, it feels like it’s been a while since I posted, but it’s only been a week. I might be losing my mind. Well, regardless, I am super excited about this list that I am going to share with you. Aside from the fact that I love lists, this list talks about five of my must have items that I wont travel without from Amazon.

Let me just say something first. I love to travel. I really really do. That being said though, I hate to fly and get terrible anxiety as I have mentioned before. That combined with my already sensitive tummy, it’s really important for me to have things with me that keep me comfortable and happy regardless of where I am. I also don’t want to spend a fortune. That’s where Amazon comes in.


Trianium battery case

This phone case has been a lifesaver. Not just when I am traveling, but even just day to day. Once the case is fully charged, you have about 2 full charges (roughly) saved up in the case itself. It’s the best…ever. I don’t know about you, but I use my phone for everything including my business, and its the worst when you have to stop what you’re doing and look for a place to plug in your phone. No one has time for that! It’s also super affordable at roughly $35 and free shipping with Prime. #obsessed


Garden of life probiotics

Remember how I said before that I get terrible anxiety? Well, that can WRECK your digestive system. These shelf stable probiotics have saved my life, let alone my trip, many a time. Plus, when you’re traveling (especially when you have a food blog) you tend to eat less than perfectly, and eat new and exciting foods. This is great, but it can add to the crazy tummy problems. Grab these for about $24 and you can thank me later. Seriously.


Lavella encapsulated lavender

Ok, I am a bit of a “hippie” when it comes to some things. One of those things is natural medicines and supplements. Don’t get me wrong, I still take “regular” medications, but if I can find something more natural or holistic, I am down. These Lavella tablets are incredible for anxiety. As someone who has taken their fair share of anxiety meds, these are the BEST natural solution I have found. You will have “lavender burps” but it’s actually quite lovely. Get your lavender burps on and your anxiety off (I am clever) for about $35.



tripped packing cubes

Oh my goodness. Packing cubes. If you havent ever used them, DO! They are amazing. I use mine even on shorter road trips etc just because they are so convenient! These packing cubes here are great and also super affordable. They keep your stuff organized which is a BIGGIE for me, and also, if you use compression cubes, you can fit more into your suitcase. You can get this six piece set for about $50 which is pretty affordable. Packing cubes can get pretty expensive!


Cocoship retro high waist bikini (bonus item!)

This bikini has an almost cult following on Amazon. After buying 3 of these for myself, I can see why. Not only is it super affordable at about $24, it’s surprisingly flattering on. Its even flattering on me, which is a huge accomplishment. No matter where I am going, it’s always nice to have a swimsuit that you can use for pretty much any occasion. Plus, you’ll always look adorable.

soundpeats wireless headphones

Shopping for headphones can be crazy. Either they’re super expensive, or lets face it, crap. These wireless headphones here are comfy, decent quality, and travel well. Oh and did I mention that they’re only $30? Boom.

Well, that’s it for today! Be sure to check out my other My Top Ten Travel Items to Look Good, and to Feel Even Better, While Traveling post for some other must have travel goodies!

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Until next time, happy nom noms!


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