Gluten Free In Portland Oregon: Liberated Baking

Happy Friday, my fine, foodie friends! The last couple of weeks I have realized that I have been eating more baked goods and sweets than normal. Should I blame the cooler temps? Perhaps my hormones? They’re always around to carry the blame. It’s got to be that there are so many delicious gluten free bakeries right here in my “back yard”. Today we talk about my latest gluten free Portland Oregon destination, Liberated Baking. 

“C” is for cookie and this one is definitely good enough for me.

I came across Liberated Baking sort of by accident actually. I was driving to a grocery store on my way out of town, and voila! There it was, shining like a glorious beacon of hope in a little strip mall. It was glorious. Of course I had no idea what to expect since, let’s face it, its easy to really mess up gluten free baked goods. I walked in with trepidation and walked about enlightened. Well, not literally. I probably got enough cookies and cupcakes to down a rhino. But I digress.

Yes! They have cinnamon rolls! Also, yes. I WILL take some extra icing. Please and thank you.

After I walked in, I realized they are not messing around here. It has a definite cafe feel rather than just a small bakery. This made me nervous. Most places I go that say “Gluten Free”, and are that large, either aren’t great, or just don’t have much of an ACTUAL gluten free selection. You guys know what I am talking about.

This Latte cupcake was just as delicious as it looks.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I looked up at their GIANT, menu. They have breakfast items, sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, the lot. I even double checked with the super nice girl at the counter. “Is this too good to be true? Is everything gluten free?!?”, I asked. She told me that in fact, yes, it’s a dedicated gluten free bakery. Seriously, I almost cried tears of joy.

This curried vegetable hand pie is my new obsession. The crust is MAGIC.

After my “near ugly cry experience”, I then ordered half the menu. Well, maybe not that much, but I got a nice variety. Two hand pies, (which are crazy good), two cupcakes, a cinnamon roll and a giant chocolate chip cookie. Let me tell you, everything was so good. Being that I am only one person, I of course did not just devour everything right there or even later in the day. A couple of items like the cupcakes, were not eaten until the following day. They were still super delicious. You really can’t go wrong. Next time though, I am going to try one of their sandwiches…or twelve of their sandwiches.

Tuxedo cupcake heaven.

Needless to say, if find yourself in Portland, take a little drive out to Gresham and check them out. Or you can check them out here on their website for more info as well. Trust me though. You wont be disappointed!

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Until next time, happy nom noms!


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