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Kellogg Idaho. It’s not a very common place for people to visit, but they really should. It’s gorgeous, there’s great skiing, outdoor activities, and one of my favorite places, Radio Brewing.

Kellogg is about 37 miles outside of Coeur d’Alene Idaho up in the panhandle of the state. It’s a sleepy little town that used to be a big for silver mining. The old west feel it gives off is very charming  with a small town vibe. Honestly, it’s unlikley that I would have visited there had it not been for my mother in law. She and her family grew up just outside Kellogg on a tree farm and has since moved back to Kellogg permanently. Now, it’s one of my favorite places for my husband and I to travel to…and we do…a lot.

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Being that my husband and I love to eat good food and have been spoiled by living in the PNW, finding a good place to eat in small towns like this can be a challenge. Let me just tell you how happy I was when we made this glorious, foodie, discovery.

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Let’s talk about the ambiance first, shall we? Everything here, including the menus, are so much fun. There’s a retro, old time vibe without feeling silly. There are plenty of seating options from regular tables, booths, a bar top, tall tables and even a cool bench with the best pillows. Radio Brewing, where did you get those?

Beer Battered Artichoke Hearts…delicious regret.


Let’s talk food. Oh my goodness, the food. EVERYTHING I have ever had here is delicious! Being gluten free, is sometimes a challenge, but they do have some good options for that. The beer battered artichoke hearts are not gluten free, but you had better believe I had a few anyway. I would do it again too. I would do it again.

My husband gets their burgers and they are sooooo good!

One other thing that I really appreciate about their menu is that they change it often and with the seasons. That not only keeps things fun and exciting since we visit often, but I appreciate that from a sustainabilty perspective as well. They do tend to keep some of the more popular items most of the time, but change out items here and there. Trust me, they can do no wrong when it comes to the menu.

Their Huckleberry Blonde is incredible

Let’s chat about their beer. After all, this IS a brewery. Being someone who has a gluten intolerance, I do tend to stay away from most beer. I have two pieces of good news. The first is that they do offer seasonal cider options which have always been great. The second is that their beer, especially this Huckleberry Blonde, is almost too good to stay away from! My mother in law ordered this last time. I tasted it and I swear a choir of angels started singing. It’s really that good.

This Cranberry Cider that they had on the menu was so good! It was so hard to only have one.

So, if you find yourself in Kellogg, or even Coeur d’Alene for that matter, make the trip to Radio. Sit back, enjoy a beer (or 3) a snack, or even dessert all while gazing out on to the beautiful scenery and awesome people. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

For more info, go to their website

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Until next time, happy nom noms!


PS, I may or may not be wearing a Radio Brewing hoodie while writing this.

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