Gluten Free Heaven: Kyra’s Bake Shop Lake Oswego Oregon

Oh my goodness. For those that may say there is no such thing as “Heaven on Earth”, today I am here to tell you that you are very mistaken. In fact, “Heaven on Earth” can be found in a town just outside of Portland Oregon called Lake Oswego, in a magical, glorious placed called “Kyra’s Bake Shop”. 

Gluten Free Blackberry Crumb Donut

For the record, this place is a problem for me. It’s maybe 10 minutes from my current home and I am not kidding, I CRAVE this stuff. It’s that good. Their cinnamon rolls in particular are my kryptonite. They are, without a doubt, the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had. Not just the best gluten free cinnamon rolls, but the best cinnamon rolls..period.

Ooey gooey, gluten free cinnamon roll MAGIC
If I could marry a cinnamon roll…..

Kyra’s has a bit of a famous pedigree and interesting story as well. Kyra Bussanich, the founder of Kyra’s, started off creating Gluten Free goodies after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder about 20 years ago. She loved cakes, cookies donuts etc, but had problems finding ones that were as good as the “real thing”. She then attended the Le Cordon Bleu patisserie program. There she learned all of the skills and basic foundations to create gluten free versions that held their own, and were even better, compared to the non gluten free options. She got so good at this that she actually went to compete on Cupcake Wars and WON! So now, between Kyra and her team of bakers, we all get to reap the rewards. Thank you, Kyra. I love you.

Vegan (and GF of course) Cookies and Cream Cupcake
IMG_6449 (1)
Cherry Balsamic Black Pepper Cupcake…oh my goodness.

Now, you can certainly go there and just devour all of the cupcakes, but they make so much more! They make cakes, wedding cakes, sandwiches, quiche, and cheesecakes too. In fact, the top tier of my wedding cake was from Kyra’s and it was a huge hit. Also, for the record, I had an egg salad sandwich there the other day and oh my goodness, it was the best egg salad I have ever had. Basically, in case you couldn’t tell, I am a fan.


So, if you’re either in the Portland area or planing on visiting, you can find all of their info here on their website. Lake Oswego is about 15 minutes outside of Portland, but trust me. It’s worth the short drive. Make sure to get there early though because they do tend to sell out. Gee, I wonder why?

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Until next time! Happy Nom Noms!





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