My Top Five Places to Eat in and Around Portland Oregon

Let me start off by saying, I have been wanting to write this for a long time and even though this isn’t a specifically “Gluten Free Post”, most of these lovely establishments all offer GF options. But, as you you may already know, I have a bit of a food problem. (#allthenomnoms) I love to eat, and Portland is one of the BEST food cities in the country. That makes me both lucky, and cursed at the same time. The fact that I have lived here almost all of my life has inadvertently turned me into a “Hipster Foodie” and I am slightly….only slightly….ashamed of that fact.

With that said, I am sure the rest of my fellow Oregonians will have something to say about this list. “Why did you leave off such and such?”. “That place isn’t as good as blah blah blah!”. Hey! Back off! This is MY list and it was really, really, really hard to narrow this down to five. This seriously could have been a book. Is that a thing? I could write a food novel. I shall call it “Leah’s Adventures in Nomnomland; A Tale of Many Tummy Aches and Delicious Regret”. Maybe that’s how I will make my millions? Meh.

Lets get started, shall we?

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  • My favorite place for fine dining, and just all around food quality is Higgins. This place is the Man, I am already embarrassed that I used that phrase. It really is amazingly tasty though. We have gone there many times and its delicious each and every time without fail. They change their menu often, which I really like, and keep things fresh and creative. Also, unlike a lot of places that cater to “fine dining”, their portions are very sizeable so you not only get something very high quality, you get a good value for money. It’s a pricier place, but the service, quality and atmosphere are absolutely worth it.

**Try the Magret and confit of duck with brandied grapes, braised greens, and aged cheddar polenta cake**

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  • My favorite place to go for dessert is, without a doubt, Papa Haydn. Where do I even begin? Gahhhh, it’s all so good! I have seen Papa Haydn written up in so many food and travel blogs about Portland, and there is a reason why. Their desserts (which I believe are all made in-house) are completely incredible! If you go there any night of the week, there is almost always a wait for a table. Luckily, you can order desserts to go. Yup, grab a decadent something or another, bring it home, put on your fat pants, turn on Netflix and enjoy your gluttony, and self loathing in the comfort of your own home. Also, their dinner menu is pretty incredible too so they very easily could have taken up two spots on this list.

**Try their Raspberry Gateau** …’re welcome in advance.

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  • Coming up with a choice for best happy hour in Portland was nearly impossible. Happy hour is a big thing in the Rose City. We like our beer and food and we prefer it as cheap as possible. The winner, ultimately for me, was Portland City Grill.Its one of those places where you have a nice combination of quality and atmosphere all rolled into one. There is a beautiful, almost 360 degree view of the city that is especially lovely at night. Personally, I prefer coming here during happy hour. Its better not only for the value, but its a little bit more of a mellow vibe during that time of day. Lets just say, it gets more of a “club” vibe later in the evening. That’s great if you’re “dressed to impress”, single and ready to mingle. If you’re like me and “dressed to digest” (remember those fat pants?) married, and ready for bed at 10:00, it might be a little out of your comfort zone. Still, its amazingly good and a must visit!

**Try the Curry fried fish and chips**

  • OK. Time to switch gears a bit. I hesitated putting this on the list because its technically fast food. You know what though? I HAD to. I love me some food, but this is something I CRAVE on a regular basis…. Best Baguette If you have never tried a Vietnamese sandwich called a Banh Mi, you need to stop what you’re doing, (well after reading this) and find a place where you can get one in your area. I love these stupid sandwiches so much. Remember how I am not supposed to have gluten? Yeah, I will still devour one of these bad boys and to be honest, I will hate myself later. LOL They also have some delicious GF options too though, so never fear. This magic concoction is a sandwich filled with veggies, sometimes weird, yet delicious meats and mayo all piled into a freshly baked, French baguette. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Oh and did I tell you one of the best parts? These sandwiches are only $4. Holy pajamas!

**Try the Best Baguette Special or for a GF option, their Asian Chicken Salad**

  • Now, lastly, lets take a moment of silence for my diet because this next place completely destroys it. Luckily, they too have some gluten free options, thank goodness.  It’s a magical place called Koi Fusion. Where do I begin? One thing Portland is known for is food carts and Koi Fusion actually started off as one. Yes, they still have Koi Fusion food carts, but they now also have stand alone locations. This, my friends, was one of the most glorious discoveries I have made in a while. I was driving to Costco one day, and out of the corner of my eye….I saw it. A Koi Fusion located right there, just waiting for me to come in and make poor choices! I still get teary eyed thinking about it. Their blend of Korean and Mexican food may sound weird, but it’s just about the best thing ever. Here’s some real talk for you. One of the first things I did when I found out we were moving to Arizona was look to see if they had a Koi Fusion there. Tragically, they do not. This fact may or may not have caused a mild panic attack.

**Try one of their rice bowls**

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Until next time, happy nom noms!


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  1. I agree that Portland is one of the best food cities in the world, but I haven’t tried any of these places yet! Excited to try some out on my next trip 😍

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