“Tasty treats, travel and tips for troubled tummies”..

Welcome to my site! I wanted to create a site that talks about two of my favorite things in the world, food and travel. I love them both so much, but I have also been cursed with the worlds most sensitive stomach. Because of that, doing those things I love can be a challenge. However, after many years of struggling, I have come up with, and found, some incredible tools, tricks and recipes that have enabled me to enjoy food and eating at new places when I travel. I am not a doctor, nor or nutritionist. I am just a person who has gathered information via trial and error,(mostly error) all for my love of food and travel. This site is dedicated to those who share my struggle, live a gluten free lifestyle, and don’t want their stomach problems to hold them back anymore. Follow along with me for delicious, tummy friendly recipes, travel tips and more.

Let’s eat!


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